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Under the Tuscan Sun (2003) - HD 1080p

Rating: 6.7

s Mayes is a San Francisco based literature professor, literary reviewer and author, who is struggling in writing her latest book. Her outwardly perfect and stable life takes a turn when her husband files for divorce as he wants to marry the woman with who he is having an affair, the infidelity and marital problem of which s was unaware. As s was supporting him as he was writing his own book, he sues for alimony despite s not being wealthy herself. And he wants to keep the house. s eventually accepts her best friend Patti's offer of a vacation, a gay tour of Tuscany which Patti and her lesbian partner Grace originally purchased for themselves before Patti found out that she is pregnant. The gift is a means to escape dealing with the divorce, from which Patti feels s may never recover emotionally without some intervention. Feeling that Patti's assessment may be correct in that she has too much emotional baggage ever to return to San Francisco, ... IMDb